Production of 3D Animation

The greatest advantage of 3D animation is that it allows you to turn your dream into a realistic image. 3D animation has a great appeal in representation and promotion. It can make realistic images from products that cannot be represented satisfactorily by means of videography; that are still at a development stage; or that no longer exist

Features of 3D Animation

It can present features of a product, internal movements of a product, and other matters difficult to explain in a way easy to understand.
It can represent objects that do not exist in the real world (e.g. buildings yet to be constructed, past objects that no longer exist).
It can represent invisible objects (e.g. the microscopic world, the flow of air or water, the channel of communication).

Usages of 3D Animation

  • Sales promotion at an exhibition etc.
  • Special contents for product introduction and commercials
  • Virtual simulation
  • Product manual, training manual
  • Used on digital signage display

Advantages of Introducing 3D Animation

Examples of 3D Animation-based Exhibition.

We can help you prepare videofilms to introduce products at an exhibition booth.

  • 3D animation can visualize internal movements, mechanisms and structures of a machine, and other matters that are difficult to explain orally or in writing, in a way easy to perceive.
  • It can stop and attract visitors at an exhibition. It can attract spectators.
  • It can reduce costs by reducing labor for preparations and transportation for an exhibition.
  • It can help promote products by enabling them to be introduced on a website etc., in a way easy to understand for customers.

Samples of 3D Animation